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Leadership Development & Consulting

My three areas of passion and growing expertise include:

• Leadership Development (Skill Development; Team Development; Teaching about Leadership & Best Leadership Practices: LEAD Women)

• Organizational Coaching & Facilitation (Appreciative Inquiry; Mission, Vision & Values; Strategic Thinking & Planning)

• Board Governance Consultant (Assessing Board Health & Behaviours; Team Development; Education on Best Practices)

How will we work together?

Depending on the situation, I would first meet with you, or in the case of a board or church context the executive leaders, to determine why it is that you want assistance and what outcomes you’d like to see at the end of our time together. If you’re stuck and don’t know why, then we can mine for clarity as to the current reality and the preferred better future.  This may take more than one conversation, but an initial discussion is where we’ll start.

Once we’re clear about where you’re longing to go, I would send you a proposal of next steps and processes we’ll use, a cost analysis, and a contract for you to sign. Following a signed contract, we’ll begin our journey.

Part of real and lasting change is found, at least in my experience, when people collaborate and co-create a better future. Change and a healthier, better future are possible – it will merely require commitment and hard work to get there. But with me, you’ve got someone committed to helping you in the journey of getting unstuck and moving towards the goals you’ve discerned as most essential right now.

Let’s chat!

Significant upcoming opportunity: Equip & Inspire Leadership Development Series. More information can be found here.

What makes me qualified to help you?

  • I co-own a dairy farm, have been happily married for over 28 years, and have successfully raised six children.
  • I understand transitions, especially life transitions, as I’m nearly 50. I went back to school when I was 39 and successfully did an undergraduate degree and then went on to do an MA. By 2021 I will be Birkman Certified, DiSC Certified, and a Vital Smarts facilitator for Crucial Conversations.
  • I have an MA in Leadership & Management (graduated in 2019 suma cum laude). I studied in-depth some of the following: Organizational Coaching & Development, Board Governance, Coaching & Mentoring, Leadership & Team Development, Change, Power & Conflict Management, Strategic Thinking & Planning, Problem Solving & Polarity Management, to name a few.
  • I yearly attend the Global Leadership Summit, other leadership trainings, am an avid reader on leadership, and have been trained in Crucial Conversations.
  • I have 10 recent years work experience (was at an home mom for 15+ years prior to going back to school and into the workforce) as an executive leader in a nonprofit and academic setting.
  • I’m an ordained minister, holding credentials with the PAOC.
  • For as long as I can remember, I have been working in teams, with teams, or leading teams.
  • I’m 100% committed to being a life-long learner!

Who would enjoy working with me?

People who are committed to growth, to hard work, to excellence, and to caring for the most important resource – the people – in their organizations.

You would want to hire me if you want leadership development, organizational health assessments, team development or training, conflict or change management consultation & strategies, strategic planning consultation & strategies, and leadership development workshops or seminars.

If this sounds like you, let’s connect! Simply fill out the “Work With Me” form below.


Sisterhood YXE – How? As part of the Her Influence speakers group and then as a Her Influence facilitator, having led well over 50 women through the Her Influence Study. In summer 2019, I’ve been invited back to facilitate one or more Flourish (their newest study) groups.

If you don’t know Kaitlyn Cey, please follow her page and sign up for her blog, you can do that here. I love the paths Kaitlyn is pioneering and her passion for collaboration and spreading Gospel Hope!

Horizon College & Seminary – Adjunct Faculty.

Work With Me

To inquire about how we might work together, please fill out the form below and let’s start a conversation!