Who’s Carmen?

Hello, friend.

Thanks for stopping by!

The first two things you should know about me are (1)  I love God and (2) I’m passionate about leadership and leadership development. Seriously, I get over the moon excited when I have the opportunity to invest in other leaders lives – especially our female leaders.

I have a big vision: To see every Christian woman leader lead with confidence and excellence.

That’s big right? It sure is! But you know what, there are so many, too many, of our female leaders needing skill development and a good dose of confidence. They need to believe they can, the need to know how, and they need to know there is help available to them.

I’m committed to being that help — a person who comes alongside and equips and inspires you to lead with growing confidence and excellence.

One of the reasons I did an MA in Leadership and Management (graduated April 2019) was because I spent too long in my life having no one to mentor me or show me how to do things that needed to get done. I had an insatiable curiosity about leadership and management that wouldn’t go away.

So I studied, and I studied hard. I sought to implement my learning in real-time, which led me to move from an entry-level position in an organization to becoming a valued executive leader.

As a mom of six, as a dairy farm owner, as a wife, friend, sister, daughter, I get that life and leadership can be difficult, often requiring us to be stretched into new realms of learning. But isn’t it nice when someone is there helping us? Guiding us to a brighter, more productive tomorrow?

Let’s chat if you need someone who gets leadership, who wants to get you and where you’re at, who understands that leadership is fun, hard, and messy, and who wants to help you get where you long to be.


Bella Grace