Who’s Carmen

Hello, friend.

If you made it to this page, it means you’re curious about who I am. You’re not alone. Seeking to understand my identity is a continual journey for me, and here are a few things I’ve discovered along the way. I am:

  • Energetic, passionate, and inspiring (the inspiring part is what others say, see the endorsements page).
  • Always hungry to learn more about God, having a disciplined devotion to the study of God’s Word (AKA Bible)
  • I love it, I mean really love it, when I am an eyewitness to others encountering Christ, developing in their God-given gifts, and growing in their confidence.
  • I am passionate about leadership. Talking about it, learning about it, living its call.
  • I’m committed to investing my life in the empowerment of other leaders – especially our Christian women leaders.
  • I like camping, hanging out with friends, good theological debates, and tattoos (don’t want you to be surprised when you see the one or two on my arms).
  • I’m a student. Currently working on finishing my MA in Leadership & Management.
  • I love a good God story. So what’s yours?

I am ordained with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (click here or here if you want to hear one of my sermons), the VP of Advancement at Horizon College and Seminary (HCS), and have been married to my awesome hubby, Albert, since 1991. Albert and I have six children and dairy farm in rural Saskatchewan.

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