The Why & Values

 Empowering Christian Women to Lead with Confidence.

(If you’ve not yet read my blog post regarding the launch of LEAD Women, it can be found here. And the more recent follow-up, after the first official year, can be found here.)

The Why?

To empower Christian women to lead with confidence and create space(s) for ongoing personal development.

Who should attend LEAD Women? Christian women in any form of leadership role.

LEAD Women Guiding Principles

  • Evolve
  • Equip
  • Encourage

Overarching Yearly Goals for LEAD Women. LEAD Women seeks to provide:

  • Opportunities for you to discover the soul of your leadership.
  • Clarity on the “how to” of leadership.
  • Encouragement through connecting and the sharing of resources.
  • Motivation for your further development/studies.
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