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If you’ve not yet read my blog post regarding the launch of LEAD Women, it can be found here.

LEAD Women 2017-2018

Empowering Christian Women to Lead with Confidence.

The Why?

To empower Christian women to lead with confidence and provide a forum for ongoing personal development.

Who should attend LEAD Women? Christian women in any form of leadership role.

LEAD Women Dates & Opportunities

July 7, 2018 Email Message

Happy Summer Ladies!

I’m just on my last weekend of a two week holiday, and one of those weeks I got to spend with my hubby, Albert, in Mexico where together we celebrated 27 years of marriage. It was incredibly restful!

There are a couple of exciting changes upcoming for the Fall, and I’m thrilled to give you lots of notice so you can prayerfully consider if one of the new options might be right for you.

But before I dive into that news, I do want to take a moment to thank Betty for her investment in LEAD Women since it’s inception. She has been an excellent mentor, friend, and teacher for all of us. As many of you may already know, she intends to start her Ph.D. this Fall and as a result, has to drastically reduce her volunteer hours so that she can do this next season well.  Thank you, Betty, for your investment in all of us, you are loved. Deepest blessings for this upcoming season!

So, what’s next for LEAD Women? I’m thankful to say that God continues to direct, and He also uses you to add insight.

Here what’s happening next year.

LEAD Women Option One:

A Zoe Discipleship group will be starting mid-September on Tuesday nights from 7-9 pm at Westside Pentecostal Church, 3488 Fairlight Drive, Saskatoon.

I am thrilled to say that another fantastic woman leader (also an artist), Leslie Stadnichuk, will be co-facilitating this group with me. Both of us have already begun preparing and praying for who will be a part of this group.

We will begin with the Identity Course which will be followed by the Relate Course in the new year. You can read more about the Zoe Discipleship Courses here.

Cost: $15 for your Participants Guide and approximately $25 to do a Strengthsfinder test. There may be other options for things like a Birkman Assessment or Crucial Conversations training at reduced rates, but I will yet need to confirm that.

LEAD Women Option Two:

Based on the feedback I received from this past season’s group, I am changing things up for this next year. These changes allow me to go deep and to journey with a group of women on a very pastoral, relationship level. I can’t wait!

On either Monday or Thursday nights also beginning in mid-September, a group of pre-registered women (no more than 12) will be gathering weekly to work our way the book The Homeward Call: A Contemplative Journey into a Love that Will Not Let Us Go by Jeff Pratt.

Jeff recently spoke at my church, and I am currently working my way through this book and see tremendous value in doing this together with a small group.

Cost: You will need a journal, a copy of Jeff’s book (can be purchased here), a schedule and heartfelt commitment that allows you to regularly show up to the weekly gathering, and a hunger for more of Jesus.

I will open up registration for this group in August and will notify those who will have a spot.

Please note: If your schedule is full and you already know you will have trouble making a weekly commitment, when the option opens up, please do not sign up for this group. 

That’s my news for now!

If you have any questions, please send me an email.

Looking forward to the next season of LEAD Women,


LEAD Women Guiding Principles

  • Evolve
  • Equip
  • Encourage

Overarching Yearly Goals for LEAD Women. LEAD Women seeks to provide:

  • Opportunities for you to discover the soul of your leadership.
  • Clarity on the “how to” of leadership.
  • Encouragement through connecting and the sharing of resources.
  • Motivation for your further development/studies.
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