April 15, 2016

I have known Carmen for several years and more recently as an exceptional graduate student focused on Leadership & Management development. She is of impeccable character, highly authentic and courageously vulnerable about who she is and what she feels called to be and do. She communicates with compelling clarity, passion, care, creative content and effective impact and outcomes. She is growing her leadership competencies and chemistry at a rate that exceeds expectations of those observing and monitoring the progress. She is being promoted at a rate that exceeds her expectations. She has been involved in graduate leadership courses for the past six months and has excelled with a white hot passion and learning hunger and parallel outcomes in her learning processes and delivery. She invariably becomes an exceptional learning group contributor and facilitator.

Respectfully and with high commendations,

Paul Magnus, PhD – Distinguished Professor of Leadership and Management at Briercrest Seminary.

Carmen is a driven leader who effectively shares a balanced presentation of knowledge that reflects biblical insight and practical experience.

I have had the privilege to be with Carmen in a number of different facets in life: teacher to her children, participant in a Bible study she has lead, staff member of the board she directs, and members of the same church. And with every role, she is an inspiration! She is true to herself—a life-long learner and leader.

Aletta Luma – B.A. Religious Studies, B.Ed.

“Not just an academic brain; she’s walked the trenches of life.”

Carmen is an enthusiastic, passionate, articulate woman and I see the hand of God upon her life. She is a strong leader who continues to develop her giftings and calling, while being committed to wholeheartedly serving where God has called her. She is my peer in ministry and I am grateful to call her my friend.

-Jo-Ann Porterfield, WOMEN’s Leader, MB/NWO District PAOC

From the first time I met her, Carmen impressed me with her tenacity and go-getter spirit. She’s a high achiever who aims for excellence and, most important, is committed to learning and continual self-improvement. One of the best decisions I ever made is when I decided to hire her!

-Jeromey Martini, Ph.D., President at Horizon College & Seminary

A Little About Me

Carmen Kampman

Carmen Kampman

Carmen is an energetic, passionate, and inspiring speaker and leader. She is a licensed minister with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, the Executive Director of Advancement at Horizon College and Seminary (HCS), and a member of Ebenezer Baptist Church. Driven by a disciplined devotion to God's Word and God's People, Carmen seeks to unpack the truths of Scripture in ways that help others encounter Christ, develop their God-given gifts, grow their leadership skills, and develop their confidence in knowing God's voice and keeping in step with the Spirit. Carmen has been married for over 25 years to the love of her life, Albert. Together with their six children they operate a dairy farm in rural Saskatchewan. Education: Diploma in Christian Studies, HCS. MA in Leadership & Management (in progress), Briercrest Seminary. Conferences, Keynotes, Seminars, Retreats, Workshops, Special Events: Carmen is comfortable speaking in various contexts from intimate retreat settings to conferences. Cost: Travel expenses plus mutually agreed-upon honorarium.

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