Leaders: Are You Letting Others Shine?​

I believe with all my heart that you and I were created to shine for Jesus in ways that make him known.   I also think it’s a leaders responsibility to create space for people to shine.

As leaders, it’s our responsibility to create space for people to shine.

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Now there are various ways creating space for others can happen, but it should be happening. Here are just a few thoughts that come to mind.

  • Maybe we need to tweak a team members responsibility so they’re doing more of the things they love.
  • Maybe we need to invite a team member into a new experience (like being part of an interview team) so they can learn what happens beyond doors that have not been previously open to them.
  • Maybe we need to invite a team member to be the team leader on a project after having done everything we could to set them up for success.

Then celebrate, cheer, and assist your team member so they shine brightly.

Be others biggest cheerleaders. Make growing and shining a positive experience by being intentional and sincere in your approach to creating space for others. We are, after all, on the same team.

Let’s shine brightly together – each bringing our own unique expression of Jesus, the light within us.

Can we do that? Now ask yourself: Who can you be intentional to create space for and cheer on this week?

Have a great day!




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