Encouragement & Nourishment from 1 Peter

I am so thankful I have a study at home because it allows me the opportunity to take time away from the distractions of laundry, dishes (especially last night’s ones!), noises, etc., and it allows me a quiet-suited-to-me-space where I can spend time reading, praying, studying, reflecting, writing, etc. Now I am not saying I am an avid writer (I am not!), my go-to devotional style is the study of God’s Word combined with prayer and reflection. This morning in my study, as I began my first day of 2016,  I chose to read out loud 1 & 2 Peter.  There is something powerful about reading God’s word out loud!

Here’s what I gleaned from this morning’s readings in 1 Peter:

  • The reward for trusting in Jesus will be the salvation of our souls. (1:9)
  • We need to prepare our minds for action and exercise self-control. (1:13)
  • We need to cry out for spiritual nourishment. (2:2) I’m thinking “nourish” will be my one word for 2016,  but that’s a blog post for another day.
  • We are God’s possession, as a result we can show others the goodness of God. (2:9)
  • We are to respect everyone and love the family of believers. (2:16)
  • We are to do good, even if it means suffering. Jesus is our example. (2:2)
  • We’ve each got a gift, and we are to use it well to serve one another. (4:10)
  • There is no shame in suffering for Christ’s sake. We are to praise God for the privilege of being called by his name. (4:16)
  • Keep doing good! Keep doing what is right! Trust our lives to God! Why? Because he will never fail us! (4:19)
  • Care for those that have been entrusted to you, and do it with eagerness and because you desire to serve God. (5:2)
  • Lead by good example. (5:3)
  • Be humble, especially as you relate to others. (5:5)
  • Stay alert against the devil! Stand firm against him! Be strong in your faith! (5:8)
  • Jesus will restore, support, and renew us and will place us on a firm foundation. (5:10)
  • Know that hardship and suffering are part of this earthly life – stand firm in God’s grace. (5:12)


Praying for you all to be nourished in 2016 – nourished through God’s Word, nourished through fellowship with the Holy Spirit, nourished as a result of loving others and being loved, nourished as a result of being in genuine community, nourished as a result of letting go of those things that hold you back, nourished as a result of trusting your life to God.


Author: Carmen Kampman

The Reverend Carmen Kampman is a woman on the road of leadership. Ordained with the PAOC, she is a steward of God’s call to women in ministry, and the founder of LEAD Women, a ministry equipping Christian women for leadership. She is also VP of Advancement at Horizon College & Seminary, and a graduate student in the Masters of Leadership program at Briercrest Seminary. Through study, discipline, and passionate encouragement, Carmen cultivates the deep wells of God’s grace and invites others to journey with her, to discover for themselves who they are and how God is calling them to where they want to be.

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