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Waiting on God

Waiting on God

There are times in our lives where we find ourselves in seasons of reflection, and we look back to understand more fully how we got to where we are today. And reflection can take on several forms. It can be that we simply think and recall things to mind; we can look back through our journals; we can process with a friend who has travelled with us and who knows us well. Then, in the midst of those various forms of reflection, noticeable lessons or themes begin to float to the surface, and for me the theme of waiting on God has bubbled up.

Here are some of my reflections about waiting.

  • It can take a considerable amount of time to see an answer to something you are waiting for.
  • Sometimes the answer is a clear “no,” sometimes the answer is a clear “yes,” and sometimes there is silence.
  • Waiting means that some fulfillment is delayed until the arrival of something. As Christians, we are awaiting “the coming of the day of God” and a “new heavens and earth.” (2 Pe. 3:12-13)
  • Waiting requires patience. It’s so easy to run ahead of God and try and make something happen on our own. During these times we need to self-manage and let our prayer be, “Lord, give me a sense of your timing and help me not to lose hope.”
  • We can be in different emotional places or in various types of circumstances as we wait. For example, we can be like Asaph in Ps. 77 who was “in trouble” and who was “weary” because “his soul refused to be comforted.” (Thanks Rob L. for using this passage in class, I’ve never forgotten it!) Or we can be in a place of expecting with an assurance and confidence that God IS going to do something. We find this with the disciples of Jesus in ACTS 2 as they are waiting for the promise.
  • We are told (commanded) to wait on God. See Hos. 12:6 or Ps. 27:14.
  • Waiting on God reminds me that I am never alone, that my redeemer lives, and that salvation is near.

When you reflect on the theme of waiting, especially with respect to waiting on God, what comes to mind?


Carmen is an energetic, passionate, and inspiring speaker and leader. She is a licensed minister with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, the Executive Director of Advancement at Horizon College and Seminary (HCS), and founder of LEAD Women. Click on the "Who's Carmen" link in the menu to see a more personal message from Carmen.

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