Gather: Women – A Journey in Finding a Canadian Expression

For me and many other women from across Canada, today marked a God-day in our lives. And although not every Canadian province was represented here in Oakville, ON, there were over 70 women from various place in Canada who intentionally chose to gather in Oakville, ON. Why? To imagine, inspire, ignite, and “perceive” together (Isa. 43:19).

The experience today was one of both listening to and dialoguing with one another. We imagined together what it meant – and means today! – to have a Canadian voice as Christ-following women. We wondered what we are creating in our country for women. It was, to quote one speaker, a time of “honest conversation with each other” and we desired as women for “radical inclusiveness” all the while realizing that we didn’t get to this point in life “on our own.”

We were challenged with how we view and speak about other women. We wondered what it looked like if we as women would “encourage relentlessly” and with genuine love say to each other “I see the best in you regardless of your last failure.” We wrestled with questions such as: Do we actually believe we need sisterhood? Do we even understand what Godly sisterhood looks like? Do we know our place? What doors need to be opened or what barriers need to be knocked down? How can we champion for others? What do we personally feel we need?

I came to this gathering because I was curious (and my amazing husband told me to go!), curious about what God was doing in my country. I’m leaving feeling like I connected with so many sisters-in-Christ and with a sense that life will be different as result of this gathering – and I’m looking forward to it!

A heartfelt thank you to every single woman that helped to create this time and who were brave enough to step out and begin us on this journey of finding our Canadian voice as women.

Wendy Burton (PAOC EOND) and I.
Wendy Burton (PAOC EOND) and I.

My first time seeing/touching Lake Ontario! 11391186_916320325073907_5310019067510138330_n

Jo-Ann Porterfield and I.
Jo-Ann Porterfield and I.

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