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Returning to Israel in February 2015

I am very excited to share with you that I have booked myself on a 2015 trip to Israel. This is a guaranteed tour, and by that I mean this tour will run regardless of how many register to join me on my return trip. Why is that? That is because I have booked myself onto a tour that Ayelet regularly runs; therefore, it will be a for sure return trip. (Short of any emergency that would cause Ayelet to have to cancel the tour.)

Because I have chosen to go this route it means that I do not, unless we have 20 participants register, have total control over where we go because as I said it is a tour that Ayelet regulary runs. So, for those that decide to join me on this tour we will as a group schedule time to gather together, but I will not always be teaching on this tour.

Jeff (my tour organizer) has asked us to “please note the pricing listed on the page is the full credit card pricing, which we are required to list first.  Participants can choose the Cash/Check discounted pricing once they click book (they can still send deposit by credit card and pay remainder by check to get the discount).” Also, please note that you will need to click the box that says you will need assistance booking flights and Ayelet will make all of the arrangements for you.

Lastly, this tour is open to both male and female participants, and there is a good chance that we will have the opportunity to meet others from around the world who have booked themselves on this tour as well. (I love a good adventure and meeting new people!)

Please consider joining me!

Kampman Holyland FEB 2015 FLY


Carmen is an energetic, passionate, and inspiring speaker and leader. She is a licensed minister with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, the Executive Director of Advancement at Horizon College and Seminary (HCS), and founder of LEAD Women. Click on the "Who's Carmen" link in the menu to see a more personal message from Carmen.

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