Embracing the Moments


November 22, 2013 by Carmen Kampman

Embracing the Moment

In recent days I have been reminded of the fact that living and participating in God’s kingdom is an ever-present reality. Sometimes we are aware of the moments God brings to us to be his servant to another and other times they pass us by without a flicker of a thought.

I volunteered this week at an event called Under the Dome. It was an event that was sponsored by Athletes in Action, but which also included many of our local youth pastors and their respective churches. That in and of itself was an amazing thing to witness – leaders partnering together for the gospel message!

During my time there I met a young boy by the name of Baso. He was thirteen years old, small in stature, and his father had dropped him off for the evening. He was by himself and not with a group. I found myself paying attention to him and thought to myself how overwhelming it must feel to be in a room of about 250 people and not know anyone. Though he recognized the occasional face from his school, he had come alone. We chatted for a while as he wanted to play mini golf, then off he went.

Later in the evening when the lights dimmed and the dance music began, he came back to me and asked me if he could stand with me. He didn’t want to dance, he said, because his knees were sore. He did however just want to observe from the sidelines, but he clearly didn’t want to be alone. So we hung out for the evening and I introduced him to many of my friends and people I knew. The youth pastor from my church, Mike, was so wonderful because despite how busy he was (organizer of this event!), when I introduced him to Baso he took us over and introduced us to one of the CFL players that was present at the Under The Dome Event. But despite meeting this wonderful CFL player, Baso just wanted to hang out by the mom (me).

At the end of the evening I gave Baso my card and told him I was a student and employee at a local Bible college and if he ever wanted to look me up because he was wanted to study God’s word in a deeper way when he got older he could, but he needed to tell his Dad that he had met me.

The lesson that God reminded me of that evening was this: It is not always about the speaker that can make the most impact (though they are very important!), it is about God’s people embracing the moments that He gives to them and taking the time to recognize what God has put right in front of them. I take comfort knowing that Baso found a safe place to hang out at this wonderful event and I receive the reminder from the Lord than he can use us in meaningful ways.

So I want to encourage you to pay attention to the people that God brings your way – you never know when you might be that safe person for someone else who is feeling totally overwhelmed by the circumstances they find themselves in.

First Peter 4:10 says, “Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others.”

One thought on “Embracing the Moments

  1. Kyla says:

    Reading this was a blessing and a reminder that even in times when we really are not sure what to expect God still makes himself known to us as believers and provides ministry opportunities in the least expected places. Thank you for sharing this wonderful encounter! It truly was a great event and I can say that God was definitely present there.

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Who's Carmen?

Carmen is a Christ-follower, wife, mother of six, speaker, and leader. She serves as the Community Relations Liaison at Horizon College and Seminary while also studying for her Master’s degree. Yes, she leads a full life! She is passionate to see people discover the life Christ has for them and to live it out fully.

Carmen is proud to call Saskatchewan, Canada home.

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